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Military Reunions

"Share the memories...relive the past"
It is a special honor to welcome those who served in all branches of the military to rediscover Hampton Roads. The Phillips name has been synonymous with successful military reunions. We are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our military reunion groups and fully understand the needs of your attendees.

Services offered include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Site Selection
• Hotel Accommodations
• Registration
• Banquet and other evening activities
• Visits to Military Installations
• Dining Arrangements
Tours and Activities
• Transportation 
• Memorial Services

Since 1978 we have handled many reunions including the following in recent years:

Ships: USS Bataan, USS Willard Keith, USS Holt, USS Dale, USS Keppler, USS Oklahoma City, USS Worcester, USS Waldron, USS Lexington, USS Chara, USS Waller, USS Helena, USS Stribling, USS Agerholm, USS Bexar, USS Lang, USS McDougal, USS Chase, USS Tolman, USS Satyr, USS Stevens, USS Porter, USS Galveston, USS Jarvis, USS San Marcos, USS Gordis, USS Sigsbee, USS Healy, USS Brinkley Bass, USS Columbus, USS Thomas Jefferson, USS Smalley, USS Wren, USS Basilone, USS Newport News, AP Transport, USS Lloyd Thomas, USS Moale, USS Ranger, USS Guam, USS Birmingham, USS Antietam, USS Boxer, USS San Francisco, USS LCS Association, USS Rochester, USS John Paul Jones

LST Groups: 138, 559, 345, 582, 602, 669, US LST Association, 1022, 919, 292

Army: 101st Airborne Association, Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge, 434th Fighter Squadron, 14th Armored Division, 337th Infantry, 778th Tank Battalion, AckAck Gunners, 1575th Engineer, 8th Armored Division, 63rd Infantry, 24th Infantry, 87th Infantry Division, 69th Infantry Division, 29th Infantry Division

Bomb Groups: 34th, 447th, 320th, 367th, 6th, 451st, 391st, 401st, 43rd, 352nd

In addition: 3rd Marine Division, SACO Veterans, 2nd Marine Division, Destroyer Escort Sailors Association, Association of Naval Aviators, Armed Guard Veterans, Patrol Craft Sailors Association, Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America, Four Stack, Desron 52, YAGRS, AP Transport, LCT Flotillas, LCIG Flotillas, 73rd Bomb Wing, 57th Bomb Wing, Golden Eagles, TAC TANKERS, First Fighter Wing

Customer Testimonials

I want to take this opportunity to express to you my heartfelt gratitude for the professionalism demonstrated during the planning, organizing, and the execution of our Homecoming Reunion. You and your team exude a keen understanding of behind-the-scenes reunion planning and instill confidence throughout the entire process. Thank you for a job WELL DONE!
Joseph E. Dennison, CMCPO, USN (Ret)
USS Manley DD-940 Association

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